Capricorns on the Call

It's the new year, and the beginning of the year - January. Exciting for some, dreadful for some maybe. 

But we are celebrating Capricorn season, which begins December 22 till January 19.

They are Earth signs like Taurus and Virgo, which shows their grounded personality in reality and making dreams happen. 

Let us explore their individual personalities of this ram:



Capricorns are ones that never give up and would be going out of their way to finish up tasks given to them. They are also the ones pushing their own limits.

If you know a Capricorn, you can tell that they are also one of the most serious and persistent signs of the zodiac.

In short, never underestimate the tenacity of a Capricorn!


tenor (3).gif

A goal-marker is what a Capricorn is. They are extremely ambitious and ensure their goals are fulfilled, through hard work and as much as effort as possible. 

  They're always driven to do better⁠; to be better than themselves and better than others⁠.

This kind of motivation might work for you should you be looking for an indirect motivator for you and your work; or just one that is on par with your working attitude.



giphy (4).gif

The responsible trait in Capricorns is mostly from their hardworking and ambitious traits, therefore, become highly responsible types with a mature, pragmatic, and disciplined approach to following the rules, staying organized, and pursuing their goals.

Whatever their mistakes were in persuing, they immediately own up and allowing them to successfully use these hurdles to their advantage.

Capricorns are also just as good at keeping track of important things, so you can count on them for important numbers or dates!

Sure takes a lot in becoming a Capricorn, and we love you for taking charge and inspiring the rest of us in every beginning.

capricorn gold.pngcapricorn silver.png

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