How Do Bracelets Exist?

Jewellery is a fun thing, being able to enhance almost every different part of our body. The wearing of jewellery for adornment and ritual purposes have dated as far back as 7,000 years ago. Historians and archeologists have found evidence that people started wearing bracelets in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and China. 

The early kind of bracelets were made of grass, slender tree limbs and shells before using copper and bronze for a more solid look and lasts slightly longer.

Bracelets have evolved over time from being a good luck charm to status symbol to the modern style accessory.


In the current age, bracelets have different symbolism depending on the individuals wearing them. Let us explore any possible reasons why people start wearing cute bracelets:

Fashion accessories


This would be the most common reason why people wear bracelets because they look so cute and look good with what you wear with. The bracelets are worn to enhance the look based on different occasions and to also not to make the wrists look left out.


tenor (4).gif

When we buy a piece of jewellery, our interpretation of it is what matters. Many bracelets are worn to symbolise who we are and to accompany the idea of what we believe in. It also can hold a special meaning to you or to somebody else. While it could be a simple piece, they could be a custom-made to appeal to our taste. 



Some people wear the bracelets that they have because it could be a gift from somebody they know or the piece is a meaningful one (like some handcrated ones). Bracelets make a great gift especially if it shows the other person that you understand their taste and know what the bracelet might mean to them. it will be able to enhance their personality and style when they wear it.



A bracelet can also be an heirloom that has been passed down from generation to generation. It acts as a reminder of their family's heritage and history. That also shows that the bracelet is able to last for years, increasing its momento value and cannot really be exchanged with money.

Social Status


Some bracelets with their prestige and design limited to certain buyers are a statement on their own. Many women want to look and feel expensive. While mostly gold bracelets provide the symbol of wealth, in other countries certain jewels and diamonds can only be worn by some people from a certain level of class in society. These jewellery are mainly worn to not only look good, but to flaunt off their ability to own such a piece.

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