Loving the Balance with Libras

Hey peeps, how has your October been going on? We are still celebrating the Libras and also, just slowly preparing for #Halloween yes?

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Libra is an air sign, and is dated from September 23 to October 22. 

So, what do we know about Libras? 

1) Fair & Balanced

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From just their zodiac sign itself, we already see a pair of scales which represents the just and equal characteristics about them. 

They crave balance, and will work on each of their elements and perspectives in life to maintain order.

2) Idealistic but Indecisive

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Both positive and slightly negative at the same time, eh?

Libras go through a process to fully understand all viewpoints and available options before making a decision through their own intuition.

While being idealistic perfectionists, they always want to do things their own way to achieve the best experience and what they believe in. 

They invest most of their energy in keeping their environment and lives lovely, tidy and orderly. Any conflict that can be avoided, they will be there to solve them.

3) Forgiver, but never a Forgetter

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A Libra's memory has no comparison really. They remember details on certain situations that have affected them, and might sometimes bring it up again. You don't want to get on their bad side as they are quite good at holding grudges. 

4) Great Listener & Socially Outgoing

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Being social is one of the most fundamental elements of the Libra personality. They make such great friends with their companionship, and through their great listening skills in order to solve a conflict. They pick their choice of words to avoid hurting anybody or cause any bad blood altogether, and will always looking at both sides of the coin before advising either party.

5) Charming and Romantic

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Libras are seekers of long-term and meaningful relationships, and will keep close those who can accept their ways of sensitive communication. They also have a pleasing manner, accompanied by the friendly nature that could charm anybody in their presence.

They are always proper and appropriate in front of strangers and friends, while having the tendency to say the right things to preserve a relationship. When they're in love, they become truly vulnerable and love-drunk.

Exactly what makes them rather attractive to all.

We are loving all our Librans who are there to keep the balance because if they don't do it, who knows what chaos most of us have fallen into.

Libra Necklace Gold.jpegLibra Necklace Silver.jpeg

Thank you for your fairness. :)

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