Scorpios Sneaking In

Ready or not, Scorpios have their stingers ready to conquer! 

So while the Scorpio season begins from Oct 23 - Nov 21, let us break down what are the characteristics of these babies.

It is true that the Scorpio personality is often misunderstood due to their tendency to be quite harsh. However, it is still true that they are mysterious creatures, but as a deeply emotional and sensitive water sign, they have a powerful presence on those around them.

Loyal & Determined


Trust from a Scorpio is very hard to earn, but once it is earned, they are not one to be betrayed. They will stay as loyal and dedicate themselves whole to that important person(s) - their significant other, friends and family. Their dedication in getting what they want is never held back, and they will pursue with what they have towards that goal.  

Passionate & Persistant


Scorpios definitely know what they want and they know they will get it (through their way of course). They are truly relentless and there is no stopping them! To some, it will come across as controlling, but in their defense, they are looking out for you and want to protect you as their precious little innocent one. 

Jealous & Resentful


As much as their stinger hurts, Scorpios jealousy and grudge-holding traits are what makes them how they are. You wouldn't want to get on that side of them!

We know it may be hard for others to love a Scorpio, but we love them anyways as they tend to keep us away from things that they think might hurt us.

Their trust is everything, so keep them close!

Show them the love that they know they deserve with these cute Scorpio necklaces (the zodiac even includes that cute stinger at the end).

Scorpio Necklace Silver.jpegScorpio Necklace Gold.jpeg

Zodiac Necklaces are the most you could get in portrayal of your lovely personalities.

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