Stacking It Up: The Sky's Delight

Have you been trying out stacking different kinds of jewellery? Remember not to overdo it as this will come across as a jewellery stand you get what I mean?

On this another episode of stacking, if you have not realised it already, our bracelets and cuffs have a lot of celestial elements in them.

For this combo, we would like to name it The Sky's Delight, you'll find out why moving onwards!

The story behind these 3 pieces (combining 2 cuffs and 1 bracelet) is very much created to appease the imaginations of those Astrophiles: (n.) people who love stars, astronomy; and maybe the Selenophiles: (n.) people who love the moon.

Simple Sleek Gold Cuff.jpeg

So we think of skies as our blank slate, for amazing things happen when we stare up into the sky and get lost in our thoughts. With this, comes the Simple Sleek Gold Cuff, a perfect representation of that clear sky, without any worry in the world on not being able to match it with any other of your bracelets.

And then we have the decorative ones: the minimal Crescent Moon Bracelet, and the other the Starry Night Cuff that might give you temporary sunburn tattoos if you wear it long enough.

Crescent Moon bracelet.jpeg

The crescent moon is always a time of transition, ever-changing in many ways but  you cannot really tell if it is the waxing moon or waning moon until it continues to show or disappear.

It can symbolise growth, creativity, manifestation and attainment, or on the other hand letting go, contemplation, and reflection. Or just for those who love the sharp crescent shape that only some people can perfectly draw out. 

Starry night Cuff.jpeg

Now, don't we all love a night sky with a lot of visible stars? It truly illuminates the atmosphere and you wouldn't get so lost in the dark. 

This cuff could work almost the same way, shining your way through a night worth remembering: being the crescent moon and the centre amongst the stars.

The Sky's Delight.jpeg

We hope The Sky's Delight brings you through a wonderful occasion!


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